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Sustainability we are told is taking responsibility for our actions today that will have an impact on future generations and 'not living beyond our means' in terms of natural resources.
As the production of new glass consumes vast amounts of energy it should be classified as an unsustainable option for replacement glass, which has only sustained surface damage such as scratches of graffiti that could easily be treated by polishing in-situ.
Every business has a responsibility to conserve energy to reduce the effects of climate change so why not change your policy to restore first, replace second?
Hundreds of construction and retail company's now specify Novus™ glass restoration process as their first choice, so why not make that move yourself.

Glass Restoration

NOVUS™ has been a worldwide leader in glass restoration for more than 20 years.
Our SRP™ Glass Restoration System quickly and easily restores many types of damaged glass and saves time,
money and hassle that accompanies glass replacement.

The SRP™ Finer and Polisher System is engineered to remove scratches from virtually any type of glass. Our system uses a vacuum process to hold the machine onto the glass and provides a continuous flow of slurry through the system. The flow of slurry provides a continual source of new abrasives and keeps the glass cool allowing polishing speeds of 6,000 rpms.
The SRP™ Finer removes aggressive damage by using a more aggressive abrasive mixture and a metal fining disc. The SRP™ Finer System removes a deeper section of the glass and feathers out the scratches or damage in the surface. The SRP™ Polisher then polishes out the area treated by the SRP™ Finer giving the glass a like new sheen. The SRP™ Polisher can also be used alone to remove light scratches, hard water and mineral stains, and acid etching.

More questions?
See the Novus™ FAQ Page or have a look at the video below:

Novus™ Glass Restoration Demo

Reduce manufacturing, distribution and fabrication expenses
Save the cost of replacement glass, reinstallation and down time
Save time and labour costs versus glass replacement

Patented re-circulating system allows for cleaner and faster polishing than conventional open-face systems
Effectively repairs heavily damaged glass
Eliminates the need to remove, reorder or replace glass

Ideal for almost any type of glass
Removes scratches, stains, acid etching and graffiti
Portable, only requires a power source

Cleanest and most consistent results in the industry
Less distortion and mess than conventional open-face systems


New Construction
Commercial and residential glass becomes damaged during delivery, installation, etc. or during the building construction process. The SRP™ Glass Restoration System eliminates the downtime, hassle and expense of reordering replacement glass and reinstallation.

Commercial Glass
Glass graffiti negatively impacts business, offends customers and creates and unsafe environment. Restoring rather than replacing vandalized glass offers huge savings for customers. The SRP™ Glass Restoration System also easily removes unsightly hard water and mineral deposits without the use of harsh chemicals.

Marine Industry
Our system easily removes saltwater stains, saving the cost of replacemenet glass. Generally, the glass found in yachts is extremely expensive.

Glass often becomes damaged during the production or post-production process. Instead of throwing the glass out, many manufacturers have realised substantial savings restoring their glass. Many manufacturers will subcontract work to companies who restore glass.

Glass of all kinds can become damaged in post-production and is often over-looked before shipping, causing considerable inconvenience for customer and the distributor. Glass can also become damaged during the delivery process during handling or while being stored in the warehouse. The SRP™ Glass Restoration System can save considerable time and money in delivery costs and rework.